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About us

About Us

Who We Are

Indrap, also known as The Institute at ADRAP, is the learning and development arm of Africa Diseases Prevention and Research Development Initiative [https://adrap.org].


Designed to bring and use local context to eLearning on topical issues in the health space especially in Africa and help individuals and organization keep abreast and stay ahead of current and future trends.

Our Motivation

There continues to be an increasing skill gap in the global work place community because innovations to everyday problems are coming up faster than workers can learn the skills to apply them.

This remains true for the health work, worse in the global south. As new information, medicines, strategies and equipment become available everyday, the health indices in developing countries remain poor as brain drain continues and available health workers are overworked, poorly motivated and ill equipped.

Our Belief

We believe that the increasing penetration of smart phone and mobile devices in the world is the single most important driver of knowledge sharing; just as free and affordable knowledge and skill building remains the cornerstone of growth and development. Indrap’s vision is to use available and future technology help individuals, organizations and communities mitigate health challenges and stay ahead of new work practices.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is based on the principle that classrooms no longer have walls and people can carry them in their pockets and learn while they work and play. Indrap’s learning collaborative follows two basic strategies – pure online learning and blended learning. Individuals can learn new or refresh old knowledge and skill online at will. These include already developed online courses by Indrap and its numerous instructors or specialty courses requested and developed by or for organizations to meet staff capacity needs. The blended learning strategy is especially suited for organizations desirous of building both staff capacity and team bonding through a series of online and face-to-face learning program.

Our Team

Our team is made up of highly experienced health care providers, educators and information technology specialists spread across Abuja, Lagos and San Francisco. Our support staffs work round the clock to provide assistance to both course instructors and learners alike.

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