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If you are here, you are interested in the care of people living with HIV and the knowledge you will gain during this online short course will contribute significantly to improving the treatment outcome of your patients. This course is sponsored by Abbvie. Lets meet at your discussion panel. Dr. Joseph Enegela

Course Curriculum

hiv 1 00:02:00
Overview of antiretroviral therapy
Introduction to Antiretroviral therapy Details 00:00:00
Introduction to Antiretroviral therapy
Antiretroviral therapy toxicities and adherence Details 00:00:00
Antiretroviral therapy toxicities and adherence
Differentiated models of care Details 00:00:00
Differentiated models of care
Antiretroviral tretment failure
Introduction to treatment failure and viral load monitoring Details 00:00:00
Antretroviral therapy resistance Details 00:00:00
Switching to Second line and third line therapy Details 00:00:00
Pre-exposure prophylaxis
Principles of HIV prevention Details 00:00:00
Understanding pre-exposure prophylaxis Details 00:00:00
Topical issues in implementation of PREP in Nigeria Details 00:00:00
Role of Dolutegravir in HIV medicine
Antiretroviral properties of integrase inhibitors Details 00:00:00
Initiating Integrase Inhibitors in treatment naive patients Details 00:00:00
Initiating integrase inhibitors in treatment experienced patients Details 00:00:00
Pediatric HIV
New strategies in Managing HIV positive children Details 00:00:00
Adolescent care and long term HIV management success Details 00:00:00
HIV Co-morbidities
Managing HIV and Hepatitis B virus co-infection: New trends Details 00:00:00
HIV and COVID-19 Details 00:00:00
hiv 2 00:02:00

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